One day after Easter Pope Francis repeats the words of Jesus: Do not be afraid

VATICAN.- As the Octave of Easter continues, Pope Francis spoke to thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square on April 18th  repeating the words of Christ “Do not be afraid”, inviting all to share the joy of Easter.

Pope Francis greeting people at St Peter´s Square

The Holy Father commented on the Gospel of the day that recounts when the Risen Jesus appeared to the women who went to his tomb. The Pope explained that the Risen Lord first reassured the women by saying “Do not be afraid.”

Those words,  said Pope Fra, acknowledge how fear can paralyze us all, be it fear of death, of dying,  being sick or  going through life’s tribulations. And who better than Jesus who conquered death to tell us convincingly not to be afraid, the Pope pointed out.

The Lord, said the Pope “invites us to come out of the tomb of our fears”, letting us know that He experienced and overcame death and He is with us forever.

Jesus told the women who had gone to the tomb to “Go and tell my brethren to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.”

Listening to the Pope at St Peter´s Square

In the same way, said Pope Francis we are also invited to “go and tell” others this Good News , overcoming the fear that surrounds us.

And this, according to the Pope does not  require special skills or abilities, but like it happened to the women in the Gospel account, it requires to hear the Lord’s invitation to let go of any doubts, and go forth and proclaim the joy that cannot be kept to oneself. It is a joy that multiplies when sharing it.

Pope Francis has also recalled how the soldiers in the Gospel account accepted money to testify falsely that the Lord had not risen, but that His body was stolen from the tomb. The Holy Father  warned how the power of money and adoration of it goes against the Gospel. 

the Pope at the window of his study

And he underscored that concealment or opposition to the truth leads back to the tomb, whereas Jesus wants us to come out of our tombs of falsehood and dependency.

He has invited his listeners  “to look inside ourselves, name our own falsehoods and allow the light of the Risen Jesus to dispel this darkness in our hearts”. The Lord wishes for us to be “transparent and luminous witnesses to the joy of the Gospel”, and “the truth that will make you free.”

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