The Sanctuary of Covadonga

A pilgrimage to renew  an 87 years old tradition in the name of the TA worldwide

MADRID, Spain.-Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid, and six members and collaborators in the evangelizing mission initiated by Saint Pedro Poveda in 1911, will represent the Teresian Association (T.A.) in the traditional ‘Pilgrimage to Covadonga’ to take place October 2nd and 3rd of this year.

The announcement was made through a letter of the T.A. President, Maite Uribe, dated April 21st, the day that marks the  priestly anniversary of Poveda. It was in 1897 that he celebrated his first mass, after being ordained a presbiter  three days before, on April 17th.

“I invite us all to prepare for the Pilgrimage to bring the offerings of our mission and spirituality to the Santina”, the letter says. The Santina is the colloquial name given to Our Lady of Covadonga, venerated at a sanctuary in northern Spain, near Oviedo.

“We will present our day-to-day reality in the places we come from and the fruits of the General Meetings to be held in July 2021”, the letter continues.

The letter also explains  that the “Covadonga Promise” or Voto de Covadonga, a tradition of the TA since  1934,  is “an act of being present, of prayer, thanksgiving and commitment, which we always renew with great joy”.

Te image of Our Lady of Covadonga is a wooden painted piece

This annual pilgrimage is related to the Marian origins of the T.A. in Covadonga and to the desire  “to be strengthened, so that we may remain bound always to look for light and help in the very place where the Association had its origins”, says the letter.

The T.A. President invites all  to “prepare for this pilgrimage to Covadonga 2021 as the

“people of God on the move, able to listen to and welcome the questions that rise from humanity and from the times we are living in; attentive to God’s voice incarnate in history to be able to respond with a discerning and clear attitude, in the light of our vocation- mission”.

In her letter, she also offers quotes from the message she wrote at the beginning of 2021 dedicating the year to live out the theme of “The wisdom of goodness”.

The image is venerated in the grotto , shows the T.A. Coat of Arms in her mantle (A.Cantero Photos)

Those who will present the offering to the Santina are:

•Susana Sacavino, Primary Association member (Brazil). Editor for twenty-five years of Nuevamerica magazine. Nuevamerica has been committed since 1976 to human rights, education and democracy; it contributes to the formation of educators and is a channel of coordination for the Americas.

 •Mei Ching Chen. Primary Association member, Asia (Taiwan). First member from Taiwan; teaches in the Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei; advisor for several years to the volunteer programme in the University Hospital.

Julia María González. Primary Association member, Europe (Belgium). Coordinator of EDIW, committed to working with young people in the countries where the TA is present. This takes place through highly effective international projects for training in leadership, communication and participative democracy.


 •Poveda Secretariat for TA Education Centres, TA Spain. The Trustee team of Raquel Osorno, Irma Carballo and Maria Ruiz are tasked with promoting and coordinating the work of the TA centres in their educational and evangelising mission, fostering teamwork, the involvement of all and co-responsibility as a great educational community.

 •Gemma Cortés. Member of the ACIT Association of north-east Spain (Barcelona) and active for many years in ACIT Youth. Married with two children. Committed to her profession as a family doctor in the Primary Health Centre in Trinitat Vella, a district on the periphery of Barcelona, very severely affected by Covid 19 both in health and the economy. 

 •Antonio Jabalera. Co-worker of the TA. Past pupil and now Principal of the Padre Poveda School in Guadix. Identified with and committed to the Caves District, its socio-economic improvement and transformation. Deeply attached to the person of St Pedro Poveda and his Work.

Carlos Daniel Ondo. Past pupil of the Virgen María de África school, in the Special Educational Needs Department (Equatorial Guinea). Currently finishing secondary school in Jaen (Spain) supported by the TA. Carlos Daniel greatly values study and commitment to social transformation from each person’s reality.

Cardinal Carlos Osoro, archbishop of Madrid, a long-standing friend of the Teresian Association. He has cooperated actively in the formation of young people at the start of their pastoral activity. His close spiritual affinity with St Pedro Poveda is easily recognised in a variety of ways throughout his life, as well as in spreading his thought  and work.