agua y arbolBaby wipes, paper towels and other items should not go into the toilet

MIAMI, Usa.- With rapid expansion of CoronaVirus Covid19 and the warnings about cleaning and desinfecting we are invited to look after our planet and particularly our water system.

The Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWSD) has issued e-mail messages to households and institutions seeking cooperation to protect the wastewater system at all times, particularly now during this State of Emergency.

Following this invitation is very much in line with the teachings of Pope Francis in his letter Laudato Si of May 2015, where we are invited to care for our common home. Regarding water the Pope says:

“Every day, unsafe water results in many deaths and the spread of water-related diseases, including those caused by microorganisms and chemical substances…

Detergents and chemical products, commonly used in many places of the world, continue to pour into our rivers, lakes and seas.”

The Pope also reminds us that: “an integral ecology is also made up of simple daily gestures…”

water pipesThe message of the MDWSD states that it is a fact that “people are using bleach wipes and potentially substituting other items for toilet paper – such as baby wipes and paper towels due to store shortages”. This is why it is imploring residents “to throw these items away in the trash and not flush them down the toilet”.

The mesage offers a list of items that should not go into the toilet:

• Grease / Oilsgota Agua
• Wet Wipes
• Sanitary Items
• Paper Towels/Tissues
• Rags
• Cotton swabs / Cotton Balls
• Diapers
• Dental Floss
• Medicines / Vitamins
• Adhesive bandages
• Cigarettes / Cigar butts
• Needles

The message also explains why: “These items do not break down in the sewer lines and can cause significant clogs that could lead to sewage spills and pump system failures and treatment plant issues”. Chemicals and desinfectants also contaminate the water causing the death of living creatures.contamination

In their Web Page you may find more information and an explanatory video: think before you flush