ObamaHopePresiden Obama is as inspired as ever

During this time of hope and expectation it is very inspiring to see former President Barack Obama send to the world a message of hope through The Obama Foundation and the twitter account where he says:

You have listened to the year in music. Flipped through the year in photos. Now it is time for the #yearinhope. See the stories that warmed hearts, lifted spirits, and restored our faith throughout the year—and then share yours.

We can see images and hear his voice as he shares:

obamaInspired“It is the holiday season, and as we gather with family and friends to celebrate our traditions and mark the start of a new decade, it is natural to think about what the years ahead might bring. For me, this may not surprise you but I am full of hope. I am as inspired as ever….”

You may want to join here the thousands of retweets and likes his message has received.