In the drawing of the Josefa Segovia Scholarship Fund

ticketsMIAMI, Us. – Three people from tree different states were the winners of gifts offered by the Josefa Segovia Scholarship Fund (JSSF) as a way of raising funds for scholarships.

The winners were: Aida Varela of Miami, Rosa Granados of Washington DC and Vicki Geraldo of Chicago

The fund was established in 1991 by the Teresian Association in the United States, as a way to facilitate a Catholic Education to low income students. It was also a way of supporting Catholic education.

rifaFor years the JSSF has organized fund raising events to support the project. This year, members of the Teresian Association donated money in order to organize a ruffle and raise scholarship funds.

Organizers printed 1500 tickets among friends and supporters and this effort raised $1445.00. The drawing was done December 1st in the presence of people from Chicago, Cincinnati, New York, Washington DC, and Boston and from various areas of South Florida.

winnersThey were present in Miami for the Annual meeting of the Teresian Association that began on Thursday November 28, with an open Eucharist for friends and families, followed by a meal attended by some 50 people, gathered at the Poveda Center.