As a preparation to fully celebrate the coming of Jesus

The traditional Advent message that is shared among the followers of St. Pedro Poveda each year, has in 2019 a favor of ‘Incarnation’, as a ‘call to be a path of Advent for others”

That translates into “welcoming the presence of Jesus that gives meaning to our lives and invites us to find God in the heart of others, as they search search for meaning, and having Mary as an example.

The message for 2019 has been written by a young and multicultural group and it reminds us that “we have almost four weeks to plan all the details, our inner life, our relationships and each context in which we live.

The message suggests to take up a gesture for each of the weeks of Advent, so as to share quality time with specific people, being interested in them, showing affection, open to the surprise of the newness that God gives us in that meeting:

  • Week 1: a person from your family or acquaintance.
  • Week 2: a young person.
  • Week 3: a sick person.
  • Week 4: a person in a vulnerable or excluded situation.
  • The message has chosen the passage of the Gospel of the Wedding on Cana as a point of departure fro a few points of reflection.

You may read here excerpts of the message