victoria Center3.In Chicago: a place to be, to pray, to plan for action

The Victoria Center is the official domicile of the Teresian Institute of Florida Inc in Chicago. It is a center for activities where T.A. members and followers of Poveda gather to celebrate, reflect and offer Poveda´s vision and mission.

The Center also offers hospitality to visiting TA members and is a place of reference for those seeking to contact the Teresian Association or learn about its mission and presence in the area of Chicago.

Victoria Diez lived his faith in difficult times as an educator in a small village of Spain.

As young professional, she was fully dedicated to her students, to a social network of friends and to service in her own parish Church. In the turmoil that took place at the beginning of the Spanish Civil war, she was taken from her house with other Christians, all men, and was forced to walk a long distance to an abandoned mine, where she was shot to death, august 11, 1936, together with her companions because she would not renounce her faith.

She was beatified as a martyr for the faith by Pope John Paul II on October 10, 1993.

Formore information about the Victoria Center:  (773 545-9130)

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