A place to gather, learn, celebrate, reflect, pray… and plan for action

Te Poveda Center is a space for activities where T.A. members and followers of Poveda gather to celebrate, reflect, plan for action and offer Poveda´s vision and mission.

The Center follows the inspiration of Saint Pedro Poveda, a priest, educator and martyr who dreamt that it was possible to transform society through education and culture, when those who educate are motivated by faith and sustained by hope. His dream continues as a seed for present generations.

What he did in Guadix, Southern Spain, in order to improve the lives of those who were marginalized from society has crossed frontiers and has become and international movement bringing new hope to many people. On the day of his canonization Pope John Paul said of him:

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St. Peter Poveda, grasping the importance of the role of education in society, undertook an important humanitarian and educational task among the marginalized and the needy. He was a master of prayer, a teacher of the Christian life and of the relationship between faith and knowledge, convinced that Christians must bring essential values and commitment to building a world that is more just and mutually supportive. His life ended with the crown of martyrdom.

The Poveda Center is the official domicile of the Teresian Institute of Florida Inc and of the Teresian Association as described in the National Catholic Directory.

For more information: povedadelegation@gmail.com